Grey Lady of the Sea

A fog swirls around the quiet island, wrapping homes and leaving cobblestones slightly slippery. Under the low, silvery sky, the Grey Lady of the Sea is in her most appropriate garment.

Nantucket has a weighted history that you can feel when the weather hangs low. It carries stories of adventure, grit, love, and longing.

Centuries ago, this was the whaling capital of the world. Sailors, or those who yearned to be, had a fleet of opportunities docked and waiting. They could go anywhere in the world; they just had to gamble with fate and decide which ship to climb aboard. Then they’d set sail, propelled by the wind, chasing a creature much larger than their vessel. In their wake, families faced a different unknown.

How many eyes scanned this horizon each day? How many rode out to Siasconset for a better view? The wait would last months—years even.

Still on Nantucket, they remained. Thirty miles removed from the mainland and that much closer to their distant sailors.

Travel, WritingKelly Chase